MSES Architects, located in Fairmont, WV, is a division of MSES Consultants, Inc. in Clarksburg, WV.  The MSES team is a multidisciplinary firm which was founded in 1976, and since then has been providing quality services to private and public clients all over West Virginia and surrounding states.  We are a full-service organization providing architectural, engineering, design and environmental services. 

Rather than work from a predetermined approach, we strive to create environments that are a thoughtful response to their program mission, physical setting and functional purpose.  A guiding principle of MSES Architects is that each project reflects the spirit and personality of its owner. Our mission is to plan and design the new construction and renovation of buildings and their interiors in order to promote productivity, enhance the quality of life of users and visitors and contribute value to the environment.  We believe good design is the physical expression of sound ideas, imagination and creativity.


MSES Architects has a stellar reputation among owners, regulators, and contractors for all phases of building codes and environmental compliance, for the development of corrective solutions and effective, complete, quality designs that can be executed with confidence.  This reputation is the culmination of over 80 combined years of successful projects, founded upon our extensive architectural, engineering, life safety, and compliance experience, our knowledge of jurisdictional protocol and applicable regulations, and our ability to develop corrective solutions which not only satisfy regulatory requirements, but manage to do so in a cost effective manner.  We are proud of our accomplishments in the architecture, engineering and environmental arenas, and our ever-growing roster of satisfied repeat clients attests to our continued commitment to quality, dedication, and service.

MSES has completed more than 15,000 assignments to date.  We have been heavily focused on building construction, renovation, auditing, and project management since our founding in 1976, and many of our projects have involved site selection studies, designs and auditing (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, civil, structural, mechanical, lighting, fire systems, security, and telecommunications), building repairs/renovations (roofs, building envelope, site, sidewalks, electrical, civil, HVAC, plumbing, structural, safety, life safety, security and more), inspections, geotechnical investigations, assessments and reviews, environmental sampling and analysis, property evaluations and appraisals, and project management  throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  MSES has become sought after by many public and private clients for construction of new facilities and renovations of existing buildings due to the breadth of our technical and professional services, the efficiency of our operations, and our unique status as a single source consultant for all the services required to successfully complete our clients’ projects.  


Since 1978, MSES’s architectural and engineering services have been distributed nearly equally between the construction of new facilities and the renovation of existing structures, with this work focused in the governmental, public and private sectors.  Our expertise has gained MSES a distinguished reputation with commercial, industrial, and manufacturing firms, the School Building Authority, county boards of education, the state’s colleges and universities, and other entities as a noted leader in this field.  Our extensive experience has yielded a specialized, efficient project approach, in which we incorporate the most up-to-date technologies for all aspects of audits, renovations, design, and construction.  This promotes the development of modern facilities within existing structures, while preserving the character of the existing buildings and providing an enhanced environment in which to work, all accomplished within a cost effective, affordable budget.  MSES has the full time in-house staff that is experienced in all architectural, engineering, auditing, and design aspects.  Our services are further complemented by full time in-house personnel with a variety of certifications and specializations, including Indoor Air Quality Specialist, Certified Industrial Hygienist, Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessor, ADA Compliance Specialist, certified asbestos personnel, life safety and fire safety engineers, air sampling personnel, bacteria and fungi sampling specialists, and other specialized disciplines.  With the combination of our diversity and our 37 years of professional experience in the design, new construction, and renovation of facilities, MSES truly lives up to its reputation as a full service provider of architectural, engineering, auditing, design and environmental services.


MSES’ founding philosophy was based on the protection of the environment.  With each project design, emphasis is always given on how the project and the environment can co-exist in harmony.  The wise use of our limited resources is always first and foremost in our design principles.  The Team has gained the reputation of thinking outside the typical design box, by the use of existing resources, such as natural light, the siting of projects to take advantage of natural heating and cooling capabilities, the use of groundwater recharge and stormwater recirculation, and the incorporation of reusable building materials and energy efficient equipment into our designs.  


MSES is intimate with all aspects of environmental projects, ranging from site and subsurface investigations, hydrogeologic characterizations, and Phases I, II, and III environmental transaction screens, assessments and remediation, to permitting and closure of site environmental issues under various regulatory programs (RCRA, CERCLA, WV Voluntary Remediation and Redevelopment Act, etc.), and preparation for site reuse/redevelopment.  In addition, we are keenly aware of the many challenges and problems that may be inherent to these processes, and are mindful of each site’s potential redevelopment and reuses throughout the planning and performing of our project activities.  The benefits of our experience and diligence are perhaps most effectively demonstrated by our large number of long term clients.  For many, we have provided continuing services for multiple projects for more than 30 years.


The MSES Team maintains a staff of highly trained and experienced personnel, including all the technical disciplines necessary to fully staff projects of all sizes and types.  Our personnel demonstrate the education and experience required to accommodate any land planning, site development, utility planning, renovation, repairs, modifications, structural systems’ upgrades, or new construction project.

In addition to employee experience, another factor for MSES’ continued success is the unusual degree of longevity and company loyalty among our personnel.  Our many long-term and repeat clients are appreciative of the continuity that this affords, and are refreshed with the degree of familiarity and prior knowledge with which each subsequent project is met.  It is this unique combination of knowledgeable, experienced, talented, and devoted principals and employees that has brought MSES to the forefront as a provider of total land planning, property inventorying, auditing, hazards surveys, adapted reuses, historic preservation, engineering, architectural, environmental, LEEDAP,  and project management services.

Our staff’s stable employment record also enables the firm to assemble project teams that have worked together before, and that possess a good knowledge of how individual strengths fit together to form an effective team.  The firm is able to assemble teams composed of individuals whose capabilities are tested and well known to our establishment.  We assign senior staff to management roles on all our projects.

In accordance with MSES’ belief in the integration of engineering and architecture, in 2004 MSES established an architectural group within MSES which is known today as MSES Architects.  This group within MSES was founded on the strengths and capabilities offered by each individual, which has allowed for the forming and continuation of strong, diverse, well-established MSES Project Teams.  

The multi-disciplinary depth of our staff is reflected by the Professional Staff Chart, while a listing of current and pending professional registrations is provided by the Professional Registrations Chart.  The depth of our staff in each category permits performance of large assignments, as well as simultaneous performance of many jobs that do not require full-time commitment of individuals.  Our experience and diverse staffing capabilities allow us to draw upon specialized personnel to facilitate unique project requirements.

In addition to our work within the State of West Virginia, the MSES Team also has extensive experience throughout much of the eastern United States, having completed ambitious projects in states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  Many among our staff maintain professional registration in these states, where applicable, which are representative of a variety of disciplines.

The wide variety of services that MSES provides makes it possible for clients to establish a working relationship with us as a single-source consultant.  We are organized to ensure that all clients are provided with a high level of personal and professional attention.